Welcome on our blog All about thunderstorms

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All about thunderstorms is a blog created on the initiative of members of the Météorage team, a subsidiary of Météo-France and operator of the storm monitoring network in Europe.

The aim is to share our knowledge and expertise in an exciting field that has progressed far beyond the professional sphere.

1. What will you learn in this blog?
Our intention is to share with you our current knowledge regarding scientific, technical and socio-economic aspects of storm phenomena. You will also find key figures and unusual information on storm phenomena.

2. What resources are available?
Videos, articles and interviews with specialists; no restrictions on re-broadcasting.

3. Who is this blog for?

4. What resources are available?
A multidisciplinary team of specialists in their fields of intervention (sciences, economic, scientific, technical, standards, etc.). With regular publications in international journals and conference proceedings, we are also involved in research and work on standards.
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